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Teenmardjs online platform for Renowned Telugu Teenmar Deejays. Feel free to send us your Song/Album, always looking for what’s next to blow up. 

 Instructions for submitting song/album:

1. Your file needs to have 320kbps.
2.upload your song/album in or and send the referred link of that particular song/Album to us in the mail.
3. Attach the flyer and give the file link in the mail.
4. Our team will go through the Songs/albums you sent for Quality check if there is any issue in the quality of songs those files will be rejected.
5. Special characters, mobile numbers are not allowed in song name
Example:' " @ ! { } # $ % ^ *< > ?

6. Per month Only 5 songs and 1 album will be uploaded
7. kindly mention song name or album name in mail subject 8. If possible send song details in the mail so that we can entitle Singer, lyricist, music director, etc. on

Mail your songs/album to us: 

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